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In his Series 'if there were images attached they will not be displayed' Lukas Hoffmann photographed situations after having applied a number of changes. The interventions were done by means of everyday materials, such as post-it notes or toilet paper and were more or less subtle. The works raise a number of complex questions with regards to content balance, the construction of image and representation and the role of photography as a document of the real.

Born 1984 in Lüdinghausen, Germany. 2004 Internship with Wolfgang Zurborn and Galerie Lichtblick, Cologne. 2005-08 Studies at "Neue Schule fuer Fotografie", Berlin. Since 2008 Studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland.
His work has been shown in Bethanien, Berlin, at the "Recontres d'Arles", Arles, France, Detroit Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden and in the Military Museum, Belgrade, Serbia.