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Juliane Duda >

The digitalization of photography, film and video has created many technical possibilities. Yet, on an artistic level most of what can be subsumed under the term 'virtual reality' has not lead to anything entirely new. The task of contemporary art might not be to create ever more virtual realities, but in 'rendering the real virtual'. (Eric Alliez). This is also the path that Juliane Duda has imparted on in many of her works. Instead of leaving reality behind and giving in to a 'free play' of the technical possibilities, she investigates the real in order to virtualize, rather than represent reality. There are several aspects to consider: the combination of things that don't belong together, the recombination of building complexes, the creation of impossible perspectives or the slight movement of spacial coordinates. This virtualization of reality implies the derealization of reality perception. Through this derealization, the images sometimes seem uncanny, not only when individual objects are distorted or when they give way to irritating views or insights; the impression of the uncanny is also present with seemingly realistic images, where the horizon was pushed a little below. ...
from "Ein Bild von Berlin:", Wilhelm Roskamm, leporello „Raum- Paraphrasen / Kunstbilder“, Kunst im Deutschlandhaus, Medien- und Kommunikationszentrum Berlin der Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung, 2004

Born 1967 in Berlin. 1991 Art Studies, Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig. 1993 Art Studies, Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin. 1997 Meisterschuelerin (Master Student) with Katharina Sieverding. 1997 Goldrausch-Stipend, Goldnetz e.V., Berlin; Stipend of the Akademie der Kuenste Berlin (Sommerakademie, Drewen). 1998 Travel Stipend of the Berlin Senate to Moskow. 1999 Working Stipend by the Berlin Senate. 2002 Marion Ermer Prize; Stipend Schloss Plueschow. 2003 Working Stipend, Else Heiliger Fonds. 2006 Working Stipend Kuenstlerhaus Lukas, Mecklenburg; Popular Vote Prize, OeSA, Kunsthalle Villa Kobe, Halle/ S. 2007 Stipend Kuenstlerhaus Schoeppingen, NRW. Stipend Kuenstlerhaus Kloster Cismar, Schleswig-Holstein.

Group Exhitions 2008
„Settings #3“, loop - raum für aktuelle kunst, Berlin; "Utopie des Raums", Kyrgysisches Nationalmuseum der Bildenden Kuenste, Bishkek, Kirgistan; „Country&Western“, Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Plueschow, MVP; „EHF2010“, KAS, Berlin; "Selbstausloeser", berg19 raum fuer fotografie, Berlin.

Solo Exhibitions 2008
"Die Schoenheit kommt nach dem Fall", Galerie Fiebach&Minninger, Cologne