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Gabriele Worgitzki
curated by Jana Hyner
February 28 - April 8, 2009

Friday, February 27, 7-10pm


From the perspective of natural science time progresses forward. Human beings, on the other hand, exist in a subjective time continuum, in which there is a before and after, next to the now. It is part of our experience that the body moves along with time, while one reflects on what one has experienced or on what lies ahead. Streams of thoughts constantly press ahead and the accompanying memories and emotional states are difficult to circumvent. Attention is directed toward the present, but is overlaid ceaselessly by different layers of memory.

The exhibition Flashback with works by Gabriele Worgitzki is about photography and drawing in these various memory layers. The works that are shown belong to the photographic series walkable time and the drawing series walkable space.

The setting for Worgitzki’s works is unspectacular urbanity. The artist observes how people move through urban space, how they use it, but she doesn’t comment on their behaviour. The background areas of the digitally manipulated photographs are taken by a pinhole camera. Due to the long exposures, the images don’t just render the moment but depict a course of events in time. Through Worgitzki’s constructions of uncharted image worlds the experience of fragmented time is made possible.

The photographs and drawings are created in mutual depency, as a result of which one’s perception of both media draw closer to one another. Elements of the photographs are used as a model for the ink drawings; and the photographs, with their combination of sharp and blurred layers, have an explicitly painterly expression. Gabriele Worgitzki uses photography as a reality quote in a dialogue with drawing and as a means to exploration. But while in the photographs the figures are enclosed as if in a capsule, in the drawings they must make due without such protection.

Jana Hyner