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Postcards and printed matter are available in the gallery or can be ordered. For mail orders send an e-mail to: info at berg19 dot de.

Signed copies of the book Christian von Steffelin 'Palast der Republik 1994-2010'. Texts by Knut Ebeling, Manfred Schmalriede, Christian von Steffelin, book design by Kai-Olaf Hesse. German/English, pp.248, 258 images, 30 x 22,5cm, bound, 39,80

TV Tower
Arwed Messmer, 'TV Tower', Poster with inscription left 'ANONYME-MITTE-BERLIN.DE, 100 x 140cm, €16,50
Arwed Messmer 'TV Tower', Postcard Edition 0110, €1

Messmer book cover
Signed Copies of the book Arwed Messmer (Ed.) 'Anonymous Heart Berlin' with texts by Annett Groeschner and Florian Ebner. Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Nuernberg, 2009, pp.184, 78 images, €39,00

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Petra Karadimas, Brochure (A5, 24pages), €5

Bernhard Moosbauer, 'Champions', Brochure (A5, 12pages), €2

Christian von Steffelin, 'Palast der Republik', Postcard Edition 0108-0108, €4

Juliane Duda, 'An der Oder', Postcard Edition 0109, €1

Simon Menner, 'ch60 / nameless streets', Postcard Edition 0209, €1