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Veronika Witte >

Veronika Witte, who now lives in Berlin, studied Installation and Sculpture at the Ecôle Nationale Supérièure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. 2002 she was invited as guest professor for Installation at the Ecôle Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris.

Bezalel in Israel, Institut pour les hautes Etudes en arts plastique Paris, Kunststiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg, Goldrausch Kuenstlerinnenprojekt art iT 2006.

Participation in numerous group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally: Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien, Galerie Nord Kunstverein Tiergarten, Museum Heilbronn and Magdeburg, Galerie Pariente Paris, Galerie Immanence Paris, Liget Galeria Budapest, Villa Merkel Esslingen and so on.

2001-2005 she realized with Berthold Schneider and staatsbankberlin/operaworks innovative Opera Installations: 2005 Einstein on the Beach, POLISHED- Mozart's Zauberflöte. 2003 Der Ring des Nibelungen - An Adventure in Stereo.  2006 Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil, a Music-Theatre Installation in Ludwig Forum fuer internationale Kunst Aachen