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Collapsed. Turned inside out. Dislocated. The photographic and cinematic scenes of Richard Schuetz present situations seemingly chaotic yet compellently structured. The mysteriousness of his pictorial compositions expresses itself in deviating from the appearance of the known, in irritating fetishizations of the tangible, with the fragmented presence of non-places. The photographic works show scenarios of a culture of abandon consuming itself.
In this chamber of mirrors of insinuation and superimposition no image is created without deceit; the presumed proves to be something else. The truth of things withdraws itself in masks of symbolic barter.

Boris Abel

Richard Schuetz was born 1965 in Frankfurt am Main and has lived in Berlin since 1988. From 1986 to 1993 he studied Art, Philosphy and Media Theory at Art Academies in Kassel, London und Berlin. Since 1987 he has participated in numerous single and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally and has received several stipends. He has worked as an artist with audio-visual installations, film and photography since 1993. In collaboration with media artist Kerstin Weiberg he developed multimedia installations and internet projects between 1995 and 2000. 2007 he became co-curator at montanaberlin, a project gallery based in Berlin.