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Bernhard Moosbauer >

In his photographic works Bernhard Moosbauer concerns himself with exemplary situations, ostensibly perfect modes of being, and mannerisms. In his series 'champions' his subject is the world of beauty contests for poodles. He doesn't show the owners and their surroundings, however, nor the close-knit world of the contests. Rather, Bernhard Moosbauer portrays the dogs by presenting them human-like. A field of tension develops between grandeur, melancholy, eroticism, glamour and irony.

Born March 20, 1969 in Straubing/Niederbayern, Germany
since 2001 Work as media artist, DJ and photographer

06/07-09/07 Working stay in Auckland/New Zealand, soundwork, language studies
10/2001 Move to Berlin
08/2001 Diploma media-art (sound) and photography at HGB in Leipzig
05/99-09/99 Working stay in New York, soundwork, language studies
03/98-03/99 Guest studies in Prof. Ruedi Baur's conceptional design class
10/97-07/01 Photography studies with Prof. Timm Rautert and Media-art with Prof. Helmut Mark an Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst (HGB) in Leipzig
10/1997 Move to Leipzig
08/1997 Diploma Communications-design with focus on new media
10/95-06/96 Working stay in Australia, soundworks, language studies
10/91-01/97 Communication-design studies at the Fachhochschule Wuerzburg with Prof. Grindler, Prof. Griesel and Prof. Lottermann
08/1989 'Fachabitur Gestaltung' at the FOS Straubing

Numerous exhibitions, i.e. Museum fuer Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, Dogenhaus Galerie Leipzig, Kulturforum Lueneburg, as well as the organization and presentation of different projects in the border areas of art, photography and music.