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Oliver Kern, born in Saarbruecken/Germany in 1965, is based in Berlin as a photographer. Degree in Photography by the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

His long-term projects in fine art photography are shown regularly in international exhibitions: "The Zone" (1995), "The Temporary City" (2002), "The Glass Key " (2007) and "The German View" (work in progress).

The "The German Outlook" was awarded a catalog sponsorship by VG Bildkunst in 2009 and the Lotto Brandenburg Kunstpreis Fotografie in 2006. In 2006 Oliver Kern was also invited to Iran with the European-Iranian arts project Karawane, followed by the publishing of the anthology ”Iran, a Winter Journey” in 2007. In 2008 his book "Der glaeserne Schluessel" (The Glass Key: The Berlin Film Festival and the Creation of Glamour) was published by Otto Mueller Verlag, Austria.

The German View

Oliver Kern travels through Germany to locations we associate with german identity. However, his pictures are taken on the way, during cursory encounters in parking lots, at events, in supermarkets. He meets up with people in the structures they live in, yet instead of big landmarks, he finds small symbols that reflect the mood in Germany: because the big symbols have long ceased to be of significance in the everyday life of men and women. The landscape, seemingly invariable, lays in between, constantly reconstructed, but still determining the horizon.

Michaela Heissenberger

46 photographs size 40 x 50cm